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Are you in the Medical Marijuana industry? Would you like to incorporate custom packaging for seeds and other items into your business? Don't let the cost of custom graphic design hold you back. We have the solution you've been looking for. We sell pre-made package designs that you can customize with your own logos, branding, and more. Save time and money! Get the marijuana seed packaging you've always wanted by choosing designs specific to your industry, with prices starting at only $500. Sounds good? View the designs to get started!

Custom Graphic Design for Medical Marijuana
Does your brand need custom-made graphics? Here are some of the many services we offer our clients...


RC Graphics Studio designers are packaging experts who enjoy approaching a problem from every angle. Our wealth of experience guarantees eye-catching package design that meets every industry standard.

graphic design

Need to spread the word about your product? We create attention-grabbing advertisements that are true to your brand. Speak with us today to learn how we can help you.

point of sale

Powerful Point of Sale materials ensure that consumers pay attention to your product. From pole signs and posters to shelf talkers, we know what works best. We have you covered.

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Web is the new frontier. If you're looking to develop a bigger online presence, talk to us about creating a mobile-friendly website that fits your needs and expands your business.

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